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News and Events

Body Mind Spirit Minneapolis
November 16-17, 2019
Opening Hours
Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

Earle Brown Heritage Center,
6155 Earle Brown Dr,
Minneapolis, MN.

About Richelle


Richelle is a full time Restoration Master Healer who offers private energy healing sessions. Richelle teaches classes and shares her gifts to help others learn, grow, and thrive.

Be Strong & Confident with Richelle 

Each of us encounters blocks that slow us down or keep us stuck. It can be difficult to see the areas that hinder us so that we can take action and move forward. At times like that, we all need support to assist us in lighting up our paths and getting back on track. Richelle can help you bring in the light and renewed energy in your ‘Gridwork.’ We can also look for gifts in your grid that are there for you, but may be hard to access. We’ll move those around so you can utilize them. Super fun!

Do you know the steps of your path to spiritual transformation?

Be Strong and Confident exists as a resource for people looking to transform their spiritual path. Let’s do the work together in a warm and heartfelt space, allowing for opportunities of clearing, reparation, and transformation.

Let Richelle, and her healing team, use their awesome energy, color and sound to be your Restoration Master Healer. After a session, you will leave with the tools you need to progress to feeling more strong and confident. You’ll have tools to work with and know that you are not alone in your growth.

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