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Classes on Gridworking on Gaia

Gaia and her family living on her are working on their ascension to 5D+ reality. Because so much has happened to the land we live on: the rocks, trees, mountains, sacred sites, water tributaries, plants and people, that sometimes (often) these precious pieces of Gaia need to be re energized. There are times when a boulder, tree or body of water has given so much energy to sustain the environment around it, that it shuts down. The lay lines ‘go to sleep’ until we ask if they would like to be re energized. Sometimes this is a tree outside of school that helps ‘hold space’ for the children to learn and grow. That tree needs infusion, just like we do when we get a bit worn down.

Richelle uses crystals, her healing teams energy and her imagination to reinvigorate beings on Gaia that need re energizing to continue to assist and ascend.

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