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Crystal Pets

It’s well known that crystals act as a conduit for healing. Each rock and gemstone are imbued with specific properties that are beneficial for people who understand their potential.

While in meditation, inspiration came to Richelle. Why couldn’t crystal healing be incorporated into the welcoming, comforting form of adorable stuffed animals?

Crystal Pets were born!

These upcycled plush pets are infused with actual crystals and healing intentions. Much like the popular aromatherapy toys offered by other companies, Crystal Pets are great for those who want to keep the healing properties of their gems and rocks nearby. 

Working with the Crystal Pets touches several aspects of life that Richelle loves.

  1. Thrift store shopping (She has the patience of a Saint to look through everything to find the ‘treasures.’)
  2. This process is helping the environment. Thousands of pounds of unwanted items go into the landfill each year. Almost all of the plush animals are from thrift stores instead of buying new. This helps keep the cost reasonable too.
  3. Creating the animals utilizes her healing energy in a creative and fun way that improves the lives of others.
  4. Playing with crystals and their energy is enchanting. Richelle uses her pendulum to ask which crystals want to work with which pet. Super fun! This also aids the crystals with their mission here on earth.

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