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Your Restoration

You are an amazing Soul with so much potential that all starts with restoring and powering up our  new 5th Dimensional energy centers in and around your body.  Working with these energy centers opens up so many possibilities in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. 

Richelle Marie  works with individuals on the steps to their own spiritual transformation. From wellness to spirituality, you no longer have to wander the path alone and without guidance.

As a full-time Spiritual Transformation Coach, Richelle Marie is a wayshower showing the potential each of us has in this amazing time of energy growth and balance.


One Year Transformational Ascension Series

6 Month Package

5 Session Package

One Discovery Session and Energy Upgrade Session

Results will vary based on the individual and the divine guidance that appears during the session.

About Richelle


Richelle is a full time Restoration Master Healer who offers private energy healing sessions. Richelle teaches classes and shares her gifts to help others learn, grow, and thrive.

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