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Your Restoration

You are an amazing Being with so much potential that all starts with restoring and or energizing the multi layers of energy centers in and around your body.  Working with these energy  centers opens up so many possibilities in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

The ‘grids’ that surround us that hold on to ‘junk’ or are broken lines.  Wellness is a cornerstone of an individual's spiritual progression. Be Strong and Confident works with individuals on the steps to their own spiritual transformation. From wellness to spirituality, you no longer have to wander the path without guidance.

As a full-time Restoration Master Healer, Richelle shares her abilities with those needing guidance to align with their primary ascension timeline.

What to expect from an Energy Healing

‘Energy Healings’ are usually completed on a massage table or zero gravity chair. Your clothes are on during the process. Wear something comfortable that you like. You’ll be under a blanket and on top of a heated Biomat. There is spa music playing in the background and it’s very relaxing. Hands on or hands off healing, entirely your choice. We do everything in our power to ensure this is a comfortable and relaxing experience. Most people fall asleep sometime during the hour they are with Richelle.

There are usually a few choice points for energy transfer. Starting with the Chakras, the Richelle will follow divine guidance to wherever spirit leads.

Once that is complete, your Restoration Master Healer will move to the side (usually sitting in a chair) and start working in your ‘grid system.’ She’ll look for pictures or scenes that show up in your grid. If they don’t belong there, she’ll help get rid of them for you.
After each picture or scene is removed, your ‘grid’ will be reconnected, energized with color (just for you) and sound (this is soundless to you, but it’s like plucking harp strings to re-energize the grid).

Once all of the ‘gridding’ is complete, we will do a master infusion of whatever energy has come through for you. It could be a power animal, a mystical energy, or some other form of divine guidance. We’ll end our session with a de-brief of all that occurred and your ‘homework.’

You will walk away feeling more strong and confident and in charge of your own direction. Since the spiritual transformation is a process, you may want to come back to work on the next step when you are ready.

Private energy healing sessions:

  • Infuse the energy you need to feel Strong and Confident
  • Work in your Quantum Grid Field to release those things you are ready to let go
  • Re-energize your ‘grid’ with your team of helpers energy. This could include color, power animals, Angels, flower essence…So many amazing energies that want to work with you.
  • Debrief on what was uncovered and how it was ‘healed’
Results will vary based on the individual and the divine guidance that appears during the session.

About Richelle


Richelle is a full time Restoration Master Healer who offers private energy healing sessions. Richelle teaches classes and shares her gifts to help others learn, grow, and thrive.

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